WizVox Media, a multimedia book publisher and content producer, provides mariners with learning products about basic marine weather. These seminars are led by Mr. Jacques Lavigne, a retired meteorologist from Environment Canada’s Meteorological Services, whose knowledge and experience will satisfy the most experienced sailors.

These seminars are very lively thanks to the use of graphic illustrations, video examples, photos and video animations. We provide a checklist to help you assimilate the information provided. Each event ends with a question period.

– A conference on the marine weather
Discussions and sharing experiences on weather conditions that will face , sooner or later, all mariners. Relationship between the wind and water, taking into account coastal topography and bathymetry.

– A workshop on marine weather
Some topics covered :

Composition of the atmosphere
Winds and forces involved
Clouds, fog and precipitation
Low and high pressure systems and also frontal systems
Relationship between wind and water (topography, bathymetry)
And many other topics

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About Jacques Lavigne

Prior to joining Wizvox Médias, Mr. Lavigne spent 36 years with Environment Canada, initially as a meteorologist, manager of four Weather offices in Quebec, and later as Senior Communications Advisor with, as a main client, the Meteorological Service of Canada.

He gave many training sessions and also conferences on many topics such as climate change. He is the editor and scientific advisor for the firm Wizvox Médias.

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